Our Strengths

1.Experienced former journalists as consultants

Our stable of former journalists includes professionals with a wealth of experience delivering finely crafted messages. Having worked both in the media and corporate realms, we are uniquely positioned to provide advice that encompasses both the points of view of the business and media sectors. We believe this breadth of perspective is extremely important in providing practical and professional communication advice to clients. In addition, our expertise is both deep and vast, with Commicon boasting experience in areas ranging from the economy and science and technology to politics, the environment and civil issues.

2. Reasonable pricing by specialization

Commicon provides professional services that offer superior value at reasonable prices by specializing in high-level communication consulting and training. We have a strategic focus. We do not provide simple story pitch to the media, press release dissemination, media list creation, and event management support of conventional PR agencies. Rather, we minimize our operational costs through specialization while reducing expenditures on sales and marketing to offer top quality and value.

3. Avoiding conflict of interest

As former reporters and media experts free of ties to the industry, Commicon consultants can focus on your needs with no concern of a conflict of interest. Several years ago, a famous anchorman of a well-known American news program was forced to resign because he offered advice behind the scenes to CEOs who had been invited on the program as guests. He was criticized as a newsman for being unable to maintain a neutral stance. In our increasingly global world, business and media ethics should be the same whether in the United States or Japan. Business clients should bear in mind the importance of hiring consultants with no possible conflict of interest from both a compliance and security perspective.

4. Strategic communication planning

Commicon provides strategic communication planning based on vast experience in the areas of communication and influencing social opinion. It is crucial to know and be able to forecast how people and the media will respond to a message or a development in order to better shape the reactions and opinions of people and the public.

5. English communication offerings

Commicon’s consultants also offer English communication solutions. Our stable of experts are capable of accommodating a range of requests including English content creation, translation, e-mail correspondence, conference calls, business meeting support, and videoconference meetings. We also provide an array of communication training in English.

6. Highly agile

We respond swiftly and nimbly to address and solve urgent needs such as crisis situations.